It is a pretty common need to find rows that exist in one dataset, but not in another.  The question I will look to answer today is, “which way is best?”.  For this test we are looking for rows that appear in a table called orderheader that aren’t also in a temporary table called #ords.  The field that we are comparing is an INT called ord_hdrnumber and it is the Clustered Primary Key of each table. We’ll compare the pros, cons, and performance of 4 popular methods to complete the task.   –NOT IN SELECT a.ord_hdrnumber FROM orderheader a WHERE a.ord_hdrnumber NOT IN (SELECT b.ord_hdrnumberRead More →

After a recent presentation where I left a few of my audience members unable to see some demos I felt like I needed to make sure I was more prepared for future presentations.  My slide deck was quite visible and I was able to quickly zoom in  on the SQL text in the query editor window, but the results pane was an issue. I see 2 solutions to the issue.  The first is to simply use ZoomIt, a popular tool that every presenter (except me apparently) already has installed.  ZoomIt is a free download from Microsoft and allows you to quickly zoom in on the screen andRead More →

I’m about a day late to post this, but I hope a few of you saw me at the Ohio North SQL Server User Group last night.  I had a great time presenting on Window functions.  I hope to present again soon.  Read More →