I have been selected to present at SQL Saturday #615 in Baltimore!  I’m am honored, excited, and maybe a little scared.  Come see me (and a huge list of all star presenters) on May 6 at Loyola University in Columbia, MD. My session is “Full Text indexing!” or…”What is that service I never turn on?”.  In this session I’ll talk about what Full Text Indexing is, why it is a separate service, how to set it up, and how to use it.Read More →

In the previous blog entries we talked about the different data files, recovery models, and how they interact.  Today’s entry will talk about Native SQL Server Backups.  Having an understanding of the files and recovery models will help this entry make more sense.  We’ll cover restoring these backup files in the next installment. The most basic backup of a SQL Server database is a full backup.  This takes a snapshot of the data and log files for the moment in time that the backup was invoked.  It includes all of the objects of the database including tables and code objects.  This file can be restoredRead More →