After a recent presentation where I left a few of my audience members unable to see some demos I felt like I needed to make sure I was more prepared for future presentations.  My slide deck was quite visible and I was able to quickly zoom in  on the SQL text in the query editor window, but the results pane was an issue. I see 2 solutions to the issue.  The first is to simply use ZoomIt, a popular tool that every presenter (except me apparently) already has installed.  ZoomIt is a free download from Microsoft and allows you to quickly zoom in on the screen andRead More →

I’m about a day late to post this, but I hope a few of you saw me at the Ohio North SQL Server User Group last night.  I had a great time presenting on Window functions.  I hope to present again soon.  Read More →

And by “everyone” I mean maybe my wife and some of my employees who are looking for an opportunity to suck up. Welcome to my SQL Server blog.  Here I’ll be writing about SQL Server and related (sometimes unrelated) topics. My name is Eric Blinn and I am the Database Services Manager at TMW Systems in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.  I have been working with SQL Server since 2003 in the transportation and insurance industries.  I have presented on SQL Server topics for the last 2 years at the In.Sight transportation conference and Ohio North SQL Server Users’ Group.  Today, I serve a wide ranging customer baseRead More →